Bahamas Beaches

Saunder's Beach, Nassau, Bahamas - Panorama (Sept. 2020)Saunder's Beach, Nassau, Bahamas - Panorama (Sept. 2020)

Bahamas beaches are known to be some of the best in the entire world. Breathtaking views of nearby islands and cays which look superbly tropical, silky sand that rubs your skin the right way and the beautiful waters of the Bahama banks (in some locations, the North Atlantic Ocean) come together for a true knockout combination!

The Bahama banks, Little Bahama bank in the north and the Great Bahama Bank in the south are heralded for their crystal clear waters teeming with all sorts of aquatic life from corals to manatees. Although very shallow (only about 80’ at the absolute deepest) the waters radiate deep, rich hues of light blue, aquamarine and turquoise. During the sunset while the sky becomes chock full of beautiful gradients of orange, pink and purple, the water transforms into a kaleidoscope of matching hues created by the reflections off the rippling waves.  In some places the waters of some Bahamas beaches come from the North Atlantic, which can get very deep and thus you'll see much, much deeper shades of blue.

Some Bahamas beaches on some islands are exceptionally extraordinary and are known for their pink sand. I’ve made a separate page for these pink sand beaches if you’re interested: Pink Sand Bahamas Beaches.

Quick note:
The magnificent beaches of The Bahamas have also been the site of numerous films and documentaries including the iconic Jaws Revenge in 1987 aka Jaws 4 the revenge and Into the blue (2005) starring Paul Walker and Jessica Alba. For a full list check here:

Accessing Beaches

There are many public beaches throughout The Bahamas. Also, hotels and resorts on the waterfront will have sections of beach adjoining their premises. These beaches will be some of the more secluded and litter free beaches as opposed to public beaches. Security will definitely be greater as well. Thus, if beaching is important you may want to stay at a beachfront resort or hotel so you’ll have constant, secure access.

On the out islands (basically every island besides New Providence where Nassau is) since the population is less, even the public beaches will generally be secluded and litter free  - because less people use them. On most islands as well, there’ll be touristy areas and areas more trafficked by locals. The touristy areas will be those closer to hotels and resorts and other tourist attractions and generally you’ll find a larger concentration of tourists on those beaches. It’s normally better to hang closer to these beaches. I’m not trying to insinuate that public beaches are unsafe, but opportunistic criminal elements are more likely to hang around public beaches. Since tourists stick out like sore thumbs, have your wits about you in all public spaces though. But, for the most part, all beaches are generally safe and the government does do an alright job keeping public beaches clean.

Although the beach itself, defined as the area between the mean high and low water marks,can't be owned by any entity in The Bahamas, some won't  be accessible through all-inclusive resorts and hotels unless you're a guest. You can try walking the coast on the actual beach but trust that security guards are watching and you won't be allowed to access an all-inclusive resort this way and for good reason. Some will even try to prevent you from even walking past a certain point even if you’re on what’s defined legally as the actual beach. So it's probably just better to steer clear if you’re not a guest.

Take note that on public beaches "jet ski" operators and other vendors like hair braiders and trinket sellers can be rampant and they can spot tourists a mile away. They can be a bit aggressive in terms of making you their customer so be ready for that. Make sure to ask your hotel attendants about the current going rates of jet ski rides so if that's what you're into you'll know if you're getting a good deal. Females should be especially guarded as they can be seen as easy marks for possible price gouging but moreso for the local island romeo-wannabes looking for possible dates.

Points to mention

  • Absolutely no littering, this includes the water. The only things that should be in the water are sand, marine life, rocks etc. You know, natural stuff. Let's keep the Bahamas beautiful!

  • Occasionally, sometimes the small variety of shark or manta ray will inquisitively skim the coast looking for food. They mean you no harm! Just steer clear and they'll be on their merry way very shortly. At night, be mindful of this as well when visibility will be low.

Beaches by Island

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