About me: Christophe Roberts

For many, when the Bahamas comes to mind they immediately imagine a location; a specific place. What defines The Bahamas is so much more. Along with the more than 700 physical islands and cays, the people who now inhabit these pieces of land each form a part of what is The Bahamas

My name is Chris Roberts, a proud Bahamian, and for more than 4 decades, in conjunction with my more than 400,000 country men and women, we've all been integral parts of what makes The Bahamas - The Bahamas. From the day I was born, its been all about my home The Bahamas that I love so dearly. And if you take the time to get to know my country I'm sure you'll fall in love too! From the way we speak to the way we interact with each other and visitors, the way we cook and the way we celebrate and showcase our heritage. Our culture has evolved along with our customs to make a rich and diverse atmosphere that brings our home, The Bahamas to life.

If there's anyone who can tell you about this magnificent, mystical place it's one of us. The people whose very essence plays such a vital role in making the Bahamas what it is. The people whose collective knowledge form a resource in the form of a vast cloud of information stored in the memory banks of us all. This collective knowledge and  This is what I offer to you. The opportunity to glean from this vast resource and learn about the best way to take part in what makes The Bahamas what it is. I'll take great pleasure in being your guide along this journey to help you get the most out of your visit to The Bahamas. Don't believe this  resource you have accessed, bahamasvacay.com, is just my own collective knowledge; far from it. I'll be asking and seeking the help from many to make sure it remains accurate, exciting and amazing. Read these pages and feel the sincerity. Feel the honesty and feel the warmth as we invite you to experience our little piece of the earth we call our own.

Welcome to The Bahamas.